I don't know what color to pick, how can I choose the right one ?

That's totally on you and your preferences. Usually, people tend to choose the colors according to their desk set-up, or their new keycaps. If you have no inspiration or if you want any advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you!

You can have a look on our color chart here!

🚨In case there is not the colors you want, please email us and we will do our best to provide you the colors you want. Please keep in mind that there would be some additional charges due to the shippings of our suppliers.🚨

Do I have to chose Techflex ?

Techflex is a really good way to assure a good looking coil and keep it tight durably. If you don’t choose Techflex on a coil cable, please be aware that the coil will not be as tight as a techflexed coil cable and it can loose its shape really quick.


Which connectors do I have to chose ?

You have, for the device side, the choice between USB-C, micro USB and mini USB connectors, silver or gold version. The choice of the connectors depends on your PC and your keyboard. Usually, people choose USB-C for their device side but it could be different for you, depending on what device you have.
For the host side, you can only choose USB-A gold or silver for the moment.

The host side is the PC.

The device side is the keyboard.


What are LEMO-like connectors ?

Lemo-like connectors are high-end detachable connectors that fits official Lemo® detachable connectors. They are push-pull connectors so they are easier to plug than GX16 aviators. Also, they come with some super nice and luxurious colors as Pearl, Copper, Gold, Blue, Black and Silver. They are visually the same as official Lemo®. Their only difference is their price, almost twice cheaper than an official one.


What is the diameter of the coils in the custom products ?

Custom Cable KeyboardCustom Cable Keyboard

You have 2 choices :

  • 3/8inch diameter (9,5mm) : like the green one
  • 1/2inch diameter (12,5mm) : like the pink one
Those diameters are internal.


For coil configuration, what is the difference between straight and 90 degrees ?

The difference is the orientation of both coil ends, depending on what you prefer and what seems to be the best for your set-up. If you want to have one 90 degrees and one straight, specify it on the section "special instruction for seller" in your cart.


Do I have to take care of the coil ?

For sure! The coil is aesthetic. Although we reverse them, you should not pull the coil and play with it so please be careful guys. It might become loose and not as perfect as day one.


How does the coil affects the length of my custom cable ?

  • If you take a 6" coil with 3/8 diameter, it takes 5 feet to be done.
  • If you take a 6" coil with 1/2 diameter, it takes 6 feet to be done.
  • If you take a 8" coil with 3/8 diameter, it takes 5,5 feet to be done.
  • If you take a 8" coil with 1/2 diameter, it takes 6,5 feet to be done.

For "Custom Cable WITHOUT Detachable Connector", if you order a 6"coil and a 4 feet cable, you will have a 6" coil and then 4 feet of straight cable. Do not forget that 6"coil needs 5 feet with a 3/8 diameter and 6 feet with a 1/2inch diameter to be done so this kind of cable will be 9 feet in total for the 3/8 and 10 feet for the 1/2. Please see the question below to be sure to not exceed a certain length, depending on the kind of keyboard you have.


Is there a maximum length that should not be exceeded ?

⚠️We recommend keeping the total length of your cable under 15 feet. If you go beyond, the cable can lose it initial transmission power.⚠️

In case you have a keyboard with a lot of LEDs, RGB or Drop CTRL, we recommend not going over 10 feet maximum and even 7 feet in some cases. Please, keep in mind if you choose a coil that it need quite a lot of cable to be done so take this into account in your final calculation. You can see the question above for more informations.

We do our best to hit your chosen length exactly, however due to the number of variables involved in creating a cable, the final length may differ by a few cm.


What is the equivalence CM/FEET/INCHES ?

1 feet ≈ 30cm

1 inch ≈ 2,54cm


How long will it take for my cable to be done ?

I always do my best to get them ready as soon as possible. There is a maximum of 1-2 week wait for the cables to be shipped although they are generally done and shipped sooner. If you ordered your cable in the first ones, your cable will be done and shipped really quickly, on the same week you ordered it. If you were on the last ones who ordered, it will take just a bit longer to go. Keep an eye open on your mailbox, you'll be informed when your package will be on its way.



How long will it take for my order to arrive ?

After shipping, it will take 48h to be delivered in France, 2 to 5 days for a delivery in Europe and 6 to 12 days for a worldwide delivery, although it is usually delivered in 6 days.


Can I return a product ?

Our Custom Cables are tailor made so they can't be returned. Our ready made cables can be, return shipping costs paid by you. Also, we do not take returns if you stretch the coil and it looses it initial form. Coils are fragile so take care of them!


I forgot to order something. Can I add it to my order ?

If you have decided to add a product to your order, please contact us via our contact form here  or by email at contact@katkoil.com. Your order must not have already been sent otherwise we will not be able to add an additional product. We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours, working days.


How can I change the adress of my order ?

If you want to change your adress, please contact us here or send us an email at contact@katkoil.com. Please keep in mind that you will only be able to change the address if the order is not shipped yet.


Have a problem with your cable?

No worries! We will look after you and make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase! Our cables are tested before shipping. However, if any cable no longer works, you have 10 days after receiving your package to contact us here and we will see how we can fix it. If the cable is damaged by you, whether it be on the Techflex, Cord, Heat Shrink or USB end, it will not be solvable on our side.